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Firewind -- Atlanta, GA -- October 10th, 2011

City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Venue: Masquerade
Date: October 10, 2011
Tour: Frets of Fury NA Tour 2011

All setlists are correct and from on stage setlists. This show was great and for me a surprise show where i had never seen any of these bands.


Delirium of the fallen
Being Nothing
Glow Of The Setting Sun
Wear A Martyr's Crown
The Tremor

Nightrage is a great Melo-Death band and was a very good opener for this mix of shows. They got some good attention from the Firewind fans.

White Wizzard

- Over The Top
- 40 Deuces
- Celestina
- Fight To The Death
- Flying Tigers
- High Speed GTO

White Wizzard was a little disappointing because all i could head was the bass. Even though it was good it was too over powering and made the show very boring. (not to mention i'm a big Holy Grail fanboy )


Servants to the Night
Maddening Disdain
We are the Nightmare
Forced To Rock
Sense The Shadows
The Face Of My Innocence

Arsis was amazing live and they started themselves great with a guitar duel while sound check and each guitarist was trying to out do the other. It was a great way to start a great set.


The Ark Of Lies
Head Up High
Destination Forever
Kill To Live
Keyboard solo
Angels forgive me
World On Fire
The Fire And The Fury / Jam
Heading For The Dawn
Mercenary Man
The End Of Time
I Am The Anger

Into The Fire
Falling To Pieces

Firewind was amazing!!!!! This band is great on cd and did not disport. Gus G shredded and lived up to his name with some amazing solos. Their instrumental songs were by far my favorite because of his technicality. BTW there was only about 100 tickets sold according to the staff. Hope everyone elses shows has a better turn out.
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