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The Top 35 are all epic masterpieces and this song as great as it is just couldn't make that cut. This band Souls at Zero is Wrathchild America forced to change their name and conform to keep their record deal. Yeah that shit happened back in the day. Total fucking bullshit moves by people who have no clue what good music is and what WE wanted to hear back then.

The music was similar to Wrathchild just more mid-tempo stuff with less and/or bland solo's. This was the only sloooooow song they did and I prefer this to any of their other stuff. This was also the last EP Shannon Larkin played drums on before selling his soul to join Ugly Kid Joe.

As simplistic as this song is, it just really works for me and Shannon would pound the living shit out of the drums when they played it live. Enjoy!

#36 - Souls at Zero - Underneath
1//17 - LOG & Anthrax
3/5 - Slayer & Testament
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