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Napalm Death -- Ottawa, Ontario -- October 9th, 2011

I actually saw Napalm Death twice this weekend, Friday October 7th in Toronto at the Wreckroom and Sunday October 9th at Mavricks in Ottawa. Both shows had the exact same setlist (the exact same as Windsor earlier in the week too) so I'll post those first.

1. Downbeat Clique
2. Strong Arm
3. Unchallenged Hate
4. Continuing War On Stupidity
5. Next On The List
6. When All Is Said And Done
7. Lucid Fairytale
8. Social Sterility
9. Life and Limb
10. Lowlife (Cryptic Slaughter)
11. Quarantined
12. The Code Is Red...Long Live The Code
13. Mentally Murdered
14. On The Brink of Extinction
15. Conform (Siege)
16. Scum
17. Life?
18. Control
19. M.A.D.
20. You Suffer
21. Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Dead Kennedys)
22. Suffer The Children
23. Silence Is Deafening

Both shows were awesome.

Fridays was opened by local bands Redeemer, Sepulchur and Murdersquad T.O. I wasn't interested in any of the openers so I showed up late and missed Redeemer. Sepulchur were a pretty decent thrash band and Murdersquad was a decent grind band. Murdersquad's singer had a very unique delivery; from the standard deathgrowls and screeches but mixed with King Diamond-like high's and yelling that actually sounded like a seven year old child. The singer did a great job alternating between all of them in the same verses but it got a little tiresome after forty minutes. Napalm Death was awesome that night. Towards the beginning of the set I was right up front of the stage but some really drunk girl who had been spilling beer all over the place during Murdersquad was right behind me so I got out of there instead of getting soaked. The vocals sounded a little rough towards the beginning of the set but by the third song sounded a lot better. And as much as I love Barney his "singing" voice, like at the end of Downbeat Clique, is fucking terrible. The rest of the band was spot on, but Mitch Harris looked really sick. Crowd was a decent size. The Wreckroom was pretty much full, a couple hundred people, which was less depressing when I saw them at the Opera House a few years ago and the place was less than half full.

I actually wanted to see the openers of Sundays show but I showed up late (9:00pm) and Fuck the Facts was already done. I was a little pissed I missed them and a little more pissed when Barney said they were "manic". The other openers were Mortor and Deformity, neither of which I've heard of but I'd imagine they were local bands too. As I said above, Napalm played the exact same set, even had the same stage banter after the same songs but it was still awesome. There was a little less talking than Friday. The club was much smaller but still packed. I'd guess a hundred people but I have no idea. They were a lot more manic than Toronto, probably due to Toronto getting every tour that usually comes through in Canada and Ottawa not getting as many. Mitch looked much better.

Overall, Sundays show had the potential to be the better of the two since I really wanted to see Fuck the Facts. I at least got to see some other bands Friday (even though I didn't care about them), so that puts Fridays show out front for a moment. But Sunday's show was a four minute walk from my Sunday wins.

Both nights the band ruled. It's kinda sad that after 25+ years they're playing these small venues and bars when every other band I see is playing to larger and larger crowds. It was cool to be in such an intimate venue. Set highlights from both nights were Downbeat Clique, Unchallenged Hate, When All Is Said And Done, Quarantined, On The Brink of Extinction, the five song set from Scum and Suffer The Children. I've heard better Siege songs so I wished they'd played a faster one. And it was too bad they didn't play the Kill. It's seventeen fucking seconds, they could've fit it in. No complaints about the song selection overall, with something like 200 songs to choose from I was happy.

Oh and for anyone interested the new song Quarantined is really good and the album comes out in February. It had a really catchy chorus, went something like this:
(really fast) Quarantined, Quarantined, Quarantined
(faster) Quarantined
05/20 -- Weedeater
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06/03 -- Nadja
06/10 -- Sunn 0)))
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