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Goatpenis -- Helsinki, Finland -- October 8th, 2011

Part of the Black Flames of Blasphemy Part II festival, which had one of the coolest lineups ever. Im so incredibly jealous of the people who got to attend this thing, wish Goatpenis could come to the states. And holy fuck, what a setlist:

High Temperature Fires
FROG-7 Missiles
Once Blood Was Spilt
The Pugnacious Force That Devours All Reason
Fatal Equinox (Perpetual Resplendence)
Machine Voidness
Homo Hommini Lupus
Bellum Contra
Dunkel Himmel
The Future of Mankind is Nuclear Breath
M110 Howitzer
jesus Coward
Frantic Fury (1.225 C.) (Abortion of the Macrocosm)
Soldier of Blasphemy
Lethal Binary Chemical Munitions
Psychopathic Anal Terror
Maze of Torment/Post Mortem/Chaos Dominium (medley)
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