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Originally Posted by daimonos View Post
I generally consider Orchid to be the weakest Opeth album, but if you like Opeth you should definitely check out Morningrise and My Arms, Your Hearse. Some of their best songs are on those albums.

Great set by the way!
Orchid was the album that got me into Opeth, it is such a great record. My Arms, Your Hearse is my favorite and Morningrise is a near masterpiece. By far, I think the first three releases were great albums. Also, I agree with that setlist by girnny777, it is my favorite list that I didn't create!!!

Here's Mine!

The Lotus Eater
Moonlapse Vertigo
The Twilight is My Robe
Still Day Beneath the Sun (acoustic)
Credence (acoustic)
Remember Tomorrow (Mike acoustic guitar/Fred electric guitar)
Ghost of Perdition
The Funeral Portrait
To Rid the Disease

That set list is roughly an hour and forty-five of music, so Opeth would be on for two hours - two hours and fifteen minutes. And, I'm missing so many good songs! But, there are some gems in there I have never seen live. I'd also like to hear them do some of the covers they've recorded over the years (hence tomorrow and would).
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