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Firewind -- St. Petersburg, FL -- Octover 9th, 2011

Went to the first show of this tour last night, I don't remember all the setlists but I'll try to give you all a good idea in case you're going to see this tour...

Nightrage (Songs I know they played...)
- Glow Of The Setting Sun
- Insidious
- Wear A Martyr's Crown
- The Tremor

White Wizzard (Complete)
- Over The Top
- 40 Deuces
- Celestina
- Fight To The Death
- Flying Tigers
- High Speed GTO

Arsis (Songs I know they played)
- Forced To Rock
- Sense The Shadows (new song)
- The Ten Of Swords
- The Face Of My Innocence

Firewind (may be slightly out of order, but the songs are right)
01. The Ark Of Lies
02. Head Up High
03. Destination Forever
04. Kill To Live
05. World On Fire
06. The Fire And The Fury / Jam
07. Angels Forgive Me
08. Heading For The Dawn
09. SKG
10. Mercenary Man
11. I Am The Anger
12. Til The End Of Time
13. Into The Fire
14. Falling To Pieces

Disappointed at them not closing with "Tyranny" but oh well, it was a great show.
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