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Saxon -- Detroit, MI -- October 9th, 2011

1. Hammer of the Gods
2. Heavy Metal Thunder
3. Never Surrender
4. Chasing The Bullet
5. Motorcycle Man
6. Back in 79
7. And The Bands Played On
8. Call To Arms
9. Rock N Roll Gypsy
10. The Mists of Avalon
11. This Town Rocks
12. When Doomsday Comes
13. Denim and Leather
14. Surviving Against The Odds
15. Princess of the Night
16. Crusader
17. 747 (Strangers In The Night)
18. Power and The Glory
19. Strong Arm of the Law
20. Wheels of Steel

As you can guess, this show was amazing, and being in front of Paul Quinn was pretty stellar. The downside to this is i couldn't hear Biff that good, but hearing those leads up close in front of the monitor was well worth it. The new songs sound amazing live and i had yet to hear the new album before hand. Don't pass this show up.
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