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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Far too many support bands, as has become the penchant for London promoters it seems, was the main problem.

L.A.G didn't go on until 22:15. On a Sunday. As noted previously, you can't do that in London on a Sunday.
Agreed. Do you know who was promoting this out of interest?

Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Other small things contributed to the overall impression that The Underworld is still a joke venue. Security weren't checking tickets on the door. I just walked straight in. And the guy doing the house music played the same four songs over and over again ('Hey You' by The Quireboys, 'Dead Girls Are Easy' by The 69 Eyes, 'Hot' by Reckless Love and something else). Sometimes the same one twice in a row. Then just stood there pulling poses and singing along.
Have to say my impression has been that when it's an Underworld promoted event it's generally good though agreed the door security often seem rather clueless. Shall see if that's still the case for Ghost Brigade on Wednesday.
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