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Might as well post one more tonight, since I already have it typed up...

23. Sahg - Sahg II
Stoner/Doom Metal

1. Ascent to Decadence
2. Echoes Ring Forever
3. From Conscious Sleep
4. Star-Crossed
5. Escape the Crimson Sun
6. Pyromancer
7. Wicked Temptress
8. By the Toll of the Bell
9. Monomania

Sahg are a stoner band from Norway. Many of you may be familiar with their bassist, King ov Hell, who previously played with the band Gorgoroth. This album showcases a pretty good mix of doom, stoner rock, and just plain rock and roll. They've got some pretty groovy riffs, as well as some pretty heavy ones. Vocalist Thomas Tofthagen has got a pretty good range, and has some vocals lines that can be mesmerizing while soaring over the many great riffs on the album. Closer Monomania is a 10 minute psychedelic journey that builds as the song goes on. Recommended for all metal fans, it's got a pretty classic vibe about it.

Ascent to Decadence
Echoes Ring Forever
Wicked Temptress
I've lost track of just about everything.

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