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Daimonos's Top 25 Doom/Stoner/Sludge Albums

Over the past two or so years, doom metal has grown to be my favorite genre of extreme music. Black Sabbath was the first band I started listening to back when I was eight years old, so it was only natural for me to revert back to my roots. Since I started getting into the genre, I've constantly been looking for new bands to get into, and now I feel like I am somewhat qualified to share my views on how I would rank some of my favorite albums by 25 different doom bands.

To me, Doom Metal is a pretty broad term. In my opinion, sludge and stoner metal are subgenres of Doom, along with traditional doom, funeral doom, death/doom, all that kind of stuff. This list will contain a little bit of variety, as I'm limiting the entries to only one album per band. You might consider some of these choices to be 'cliche' or unoriginal, but this is the way I feel. This is just a list of my personal favorites, and I am not stating anything as fact. Doom is something that I am still exploring to this day, so there might be some stuff left out. I'm always looking for new bands to get into. So yeah, this list will probably be different in my eyes a couple months from now, but these are my opinions at the moment. I hope I can help some people get into one of my favorite genres!
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