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OzzFest -- Holmdel, NJ -- August 18th, 2003


Power Trip
The dehumanizing process
Pure hatred

Killswitch Engage

Numbered Days
Self Revolution
To the sons of Man
Fixation on the Darkness
My last serenade

Shadows fall

Idle hands
Idiot Box
Stepping outside the circle
Destroyer of Senses
Thoughts without words

It was a good day, ozzy ended up getting sick so we were able to get our money back if we left before the main stage started. So for what it was i saw a few good bands for free. i left once cradle of filth went on stage. I remember there were mad police officers with riot gear in the parking lot just incase people became hostile.
I duno sworn enemys whole setlist but i know they played "one way trip", "As real as it gets", and closed wit "Sworn enemy". One of the main reasons why i wanted to go to ozzfest that summer was to see nothingface on the second stage but the band split a day before the show. It dont matter though i caught them headline 2 days before in long island new york. Motograter was lame. E-town concrete was awesome
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