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Originally Posted by endless_pain View Post
Great set! How was the crowd? Was it pretty packed? Station 4 was sold out back in July but, I think there were a lot of meatheads there to see Bodom. It would be nice to be in a crowd that was mainly there for Devy.
I'll say this before I write my review. The first band it was half packed, 2nd band no one was really around, 3 band it was fully pakced, more so then COB.

Originally Posted by ChildrenofSodom View Post
Fuck. I bought tickets to the Columbus show because I figured something being billed as "The Devin Townsend Project" would play more than 3 songs from the 4 albums that I absolutely love. I am complete unfamiliar with any of the DT Band and Devin Townsend albums. This is going to be fun....

You know you could...just putting it out there....CHECK OUT HIS OTHER MUSIC!

It's Devin fucking Tonwsned, why would he not play music that would be under his name? Any real fan knows that the DTP is just a name and that he showcases all from his solo work. Come on Guy, you're missing out on some of his best work. Check it out.

Now onto the review
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