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Originally Posted by licksandteeches View Post
As Shannon explained to me Bart was about 16 and he was hanging out with some friends and there was a girl there who didn't know his name, so for some reason she called him Bart (he looks like a "Bart" IMO) and it just stuck. He also said it helps now because if they didn't call him Bart, they would have a Ryan, a Brian, and another Ryan in the band and that would just be confusing.

Necropolis is expendable, but I would much rather have that than a Vulgar Picture, not one of my favorites and I've seen them 10 times and they've played A Vulgar Picture every single time.
If they ever dropped A Vulgar Picture I'd be super pisses. Thats one of my favorite songs by them and one of my favorite ones to see live.
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