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Originally Posted by Jasonic View Post
Were you the one who in another thread said you were in a band that did STRANGE WINGS? We performed that last weekend, with both of our vocalists. Our "Zak" guy handled the Ray Gillen lines. It was epic!

Hey, we are open to anyone. We previously had two out of town members.

If you are willing to come in from out of town once every three to four weeks, and for shows, you could be considered.

We know SAVATAGE are a niche band, and it takes a special type of fan to even want to be in a band like this. Most of our potential applicants have indeed been from out of town.

Seriously, hit me up if its something in the cards for you.
Granted, that would be a very long drive or flight, and would have to be on your own dime, so I completely understand if its not feasible.

Bottom line is we want people who are passionate for Savatage.
I wish I could say "Sure, I'd love to come in all the way from PA to do it" - but the truth is there's absolutely no way I could afford it. I'm not at the stage where I need to be making money off of music, especially for a tribute band on the side, but the amount of money that would require me to spend (that I don't really have) would sadly far outweigh the benefits for me. If I was within a 2-3 hour drive of you guys I'd probably be willing to go for it, but not having to fly all the way from Eastern, PA.

In case you're curious though, this is a video of me playing Edge of Thorns with Chris Caffery and his band in 2009. This was just a soundcheck, hence the lack of crowd. You can barely see me due to the lighting, but I'm over on the left-hand side. Hopefully the link works.
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