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Originally Posted by endless_pain View Post
I wanted to see Devin Townsend but, two concerts in one week is enough for me. I already had tickets to see Enslaved and Opeth when his concert was announced.

I caught Devin when he opened for Bodom in July. That was pretty awesome. Actually I only went to see him and Obscura play. So, seeing him headline would be tits.

Thanks man. Maybe I'll see you at a show sometime?

Originally Posted by zerkz View Post
please catch the setlist! I hope he puts in more deconstruction material, other then just stand and juular.
Originally Posted by daimonos View Post
I'm actually really interested to see what Devin Townsend's set will consist of on this tour...

Hopefully he doesn't pull out the same Supercrush, Truth, Om, Kingdom thing he's been doing for awhile now.

Wait about 5-10 minutes
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