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October 8th

Hellraiser: Hellworld (2005)
dir: Rick Bota
watch the trailer
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Hellraiser: Hellworld is the 8th film in the franchise and one of the cheesiest story lines to date. A group of kids are obsessed with a Hellraiser online game, so much so that one of them commits suicide because of it. This doesn’t deter the others when they get an invitation to a Hellword party at a mysterious house. From then on Lance Henriksen takes the kids on a tour of the mansion and they get picked off one by one in typical horror movie fashion. Bad acting, lots of gore and a dumb twist at the end are all par for the course once you hit the 8th film of a series like this. If you are remotely interested in this movie you probably know what you are in for. More of Pinhead and the other cenobites would have been nice.

song: Eternal Torture - Incantation - Onward to Golgotha
hear the song

Relevant lyrics:
Rooms of eternal torture, reveal endurance of endless pain.
Disintegrating mortals, bodies burn.
There you feel the hellish torture.
Hellish torment, brutal butchering.
Demonic creatures revolve in torment...
2/26 - Goatwhore
3/3-5 - Berserker Fest III
3/25 - Archgoat

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