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It was a great show. Danzig was pretty slow to come on and my buzz was wearing off waiting for him to hit the old stuff but I agree for me when he hit the stage with Samhain I totally woke up and it was awesome. I got to see his last Danzig/Samhain shows a number of years ago and from what I recall he played a number of different Samhain songs which was cool.

I've been going to concerts since the mid-80s and when the Misfits banner dropped and they started playing I believe that was probably the most intense overall crowd reaction that I can recall in my lifetime. I've seen more violent pits but the entire floor swayed back and forth and essentially was one big pit for the first couple of songs. It was insane and very cool. I would guess the floor of the Congress was around 3000 to 4000 people although not really sure and it was the fullest I can remember seeing it and had a huge sway towards the rail that you pretty much just had to ride (I started probably 20 bodies from the rail and rode the sway with a friend to the rail as masses abandoned the rail and pit area altogether.

As soon as the Misfits ended probably 1/4 of the people in the center pit area bailed for booze, bathroom or home when the Danzig banner came down and his encore was solid but there was no way for him to follow the Misfits.

I never saw a written setlist but to me it almost felt like the 2nd encore with Doyle playing Skulls was possibly not originally planned. It probably was but Danzig's ego is so huge that I could see him being deluded enough to believe that he could close the night with Danzig material and people would be remotely satisfied. I suspect seeing the crowd still walking out as he came on to do a Danzig encore had to be a gut check/ego check for him and any thoughts of him not doing future shows with Doyle certainly might have to be rethought as he would have to be a moron to not see the financial upside of a Misfits reunion worldwide not to mention that he truly sounded much better singing the Misfits and Samhain songs than he did the Danzig stuff. Not being a musician, I suspect his vocal range has suffered over the years and he really doesn't need any vocal range to scream Misfits songs so in a way those songs are probably a better fit to his current vocal talents in the same way that Dave Mustaine really can't do vocals from Rust in Peace justice in any way, shape or form today.

Either way in the thousand plus shows I have probably seen over the years the Misfits set certainly hits my top 5 even though for me it would have been more meaningful to do it 15 years ago I have to admit that I became a kid again yesterday for at least an hour. Pretty amazing shit. Anyone without a ticket to his other 4 shows needs to scrape together the $ and drive just in case this doesn't happen again (which I honestly doubt after him witnessing the crowd response as I just cannot believe that that didn't crack even his ego to see people walk out on his Danzig encore and beg for 15 minutes for even just one more Misfits song--We'll see what the future brings)

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