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Yeah, this show was amazing. It was so good I might just stop going to shows, because unless I see this again, no show will compare to this. Glenn sounded great, he was obviously pissed at the sound people, but still, great show. Great set, I was really surprised to see he didn't open with Wotan's Procession, and the Her Black Wings/Devils Plaything medley was a real treat. I might be in the minority here, but the highlight was definitely the Samhain songs. From when they switched the backdrop and when Danzig ran on stage w/ the dog mask, it was badass. Plus, imo, he sung those songs the best. It was great to finally hear songs from November Coming Fire, which one of my favorite albums of all-time. My only complaint is the Congress Theater sounds horrible. That was the worst-sounding show I have ever seen. Oh yeah, Youth of Today owned, I'd never heard them before, but they really impressed me, everyone should try to see them.
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