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Originally Posted by kngdymond View Post
so sad to see the kiddies now glad that Opeth is so weak they can sing along like Bon Jovi he isnt harsh either so post his review next

glad I saw them when they still rocked and had original line up this stuff over the last few years is soooooo lame but Mikael is making some cash and living out in the suburbs writing more folk tunes for you guys

you pick up peter paul and mary greatest hits for like 5.99 you will love it
Huuuurrr "heavy" = quality, right?

Look, Opeth is Opeth. If you don't like it, that's cool. Go look at your favorite "heavy" band and you'll see how many lineup changes there have been. That means nothing. Opeth play progressive death metal. Notice the first word: progressive.
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