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Malevolent Creation's Ten Commandments 20th Anniversary Tour

with special guests: Impiety (Singapore), Funurus (PA), Blaspherian (TX)

Malevolent Creation: (They play two sets...the first is of various material, the second being the entire Ten Commandments album for the 20th anniversary.)

Eve of the Apocalypse
The Will to Kill
Buried in a Nameless Grave
Visions of Malace
Blood Brothers
Homicidal Rant
United Hate
Ethnic Cleansing
Coronation of Our Domain
Memorial Arrangements / Premature Burial
Remnants of Withered Decay
Multiple Stab Wounds
Impaled Existence
Thou Shall Kill!
Sacrificial Annihilation
Decadence Within
Injected Sufferage
Malevolent Creation


Intro / Dominator
Vientos De Holocausto
Pillars of Perversion
Advent of the Nuclear Baphomet
Terror. Death. Worship!
Torment in Fire
Anal Madonna


Behind the Door
Festering Earth
The Comfort in Depression
In the Trees
Stagnant Seas
Reduced to Sludge


The Disgrace of God
Lies of the Cross
Exalted in Unspeakable Evil
Desecration Eternal
Enthroned in Blasphemous Triumph
Prayer of Satanic Hate
Ave Azarate! 218
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