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96. Judas Priest- Hell Bent For Leather

1. "Delivering the Goods"
2. "Rock Forever"
3. "Evening Star"
4. "Hell Bent for Leather"
5. "Take on the World"
6. "Burnin' Up"
7. "The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown)"
8. "Killing Machine"
9. "Running Wild"
10. "Before the Dawn"
11. "Evil Fantasies"

Maybe with a bit more of a push from the record company (as well as a better choice of singles to be pushed) this would have gone down in history as the band’s British Steel. It’s right here where the band truly streamlined their sound, and some moments are borrowed from on British Steel. Seriously. Take On The World was recycled into United, the chorus of Breaking The Law is kind of the same as Hell Bent For Leather, and Green Manilishi kind of has the same feel as Living After Midnight, albeit the latter has a more restrained vocal performance as well as a more LCD lyrical matter. Oh well. One thing that was common throughout 70’s Priest was their tendency to incorporate sprinkles of 70’s funk and soul throughout their music. Seriously, listen to Evil Fantasies and tell me it doesn’t sound like Arethra Franklin’s choice of doing a drastic image and sound change. Or that Burnin Up doesn’t sound like Chef singing a steamy funk ode to the children of South Park to try and clear things up... almost 20 years before hand.

Point being, this album doesn’t get nearly enough credit from the metal community. This is the real British Steel and should be treated by the populace as such (even though Screaming For Vengeance is still the best “hard rock” Priest album, but that’s for another day…)

Reccommended track:
Evil Fantasies
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