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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
There's nothing wrong with liking Burn My Eyes better than a lackluster Vio-lence effort, but you said Machine Head as a band was what Vio-lence should have become. Considering Machine Head had done nothing but copy awful trend after awful trend up until The Blackening (and even then you could say they were being trendy because thrash was making a huge comeback in 2007), yea I stand by my opinion that that opinion is retarded.
That's cool. I'm glad you at least made a point. I can only judge what Vio-elnce became by 1 album. Oppressing the Masses is one of my Top 15 albums of all time so yeah I HATED what they became and the fact they gave into record label pressure and became a boring plod-a-long band on NtG.

Like I said I think Machine Head have created 2 of the 20 best cd's ever made and I'll stand by that 100%. I do agree they made a few clunkers while following trends but who is to say they wern't forced to do that to keep their label? I don't know, it's not like it didn't happen to Vio-lence.

We all have opinions and to me Machine Head has surpassed Vio-lence with their last 3 efforts. The 1st 2 cd's plus these 3 are as good as or better than 98% of the bands out there to me.

Hell the 2 clunkers are both better than Nothing to Gain so yeah...

Now I'm curious of either of the 2 Vio-lence albums are going to make your list and would be considered better than Master of Puppets. While most people would have MoP worlds over them both, I wouldn't....
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