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Originally Posted by logAnarchy View Post
Personally, I don't like Vio-lence, but dude, you're openly stating that one of the greatest thrash bands to ever exist isn't as good as the lead guitarist's nu metal-influenced groove metal band that came afterwards. I'm just saying, you're not making any friends here.
I didn't say that at all. I said should have become... Have you heard Vio-lence - Nothing to Gain? It took my 10 years to find and it kinda sucked.

A more natural progression would have been into Machine Head over commercial metal which is what Vio-lence became before they got dropped.

I got a laugh out of his response until he said my opinion was retarded or Brutals response was retarded. Whichever one. I'll never understand how someone standing up for themselves can be perceived as not making friends.

Usually calling someones opinion retarded for no reason would earn disdain but in Bizarro world the person who retaliates or stands up for themselves is often made the bad guy. Just sayin'
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