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98. Morbid Angel- Covenant

1. "Rapture"
2. "Pain Divine"
3. "World of Shit (The Promised Land)"
4. "Vengeance Is Mine"
5. "The Lions Den"
6. "Blood on My Hands"
7. "Angel of Disease"
8. "Sworn to the Black"
9. "Nar Mattaru"
10. "God of Emptiness

Morbid Angel’s third (and best selling album) plays like your standard pop record. Great beginning and end, boring middle. Albums like this rely more on the strength of the songs themselves rather than being a new burgeoning piece of art like Altars of Madness. It also feels that this album was a return to the Altars of Madness style, considering the lack of variety (and also considering this album and AOM gets 7 songs a pop during their live set where as Blessed can barely get 1). There’s quite a few great songs here, but special mention goes to World Of Shit, which is inexplicably the only Morbid Angel song to have excessive cursing. It’s almost like their manager said “Ok guys this is our major label debut, we need something to get the suburban white boys on board! Someone write some lyrics with a bunch of four letter words!” Maybe that’s why it’s still their grand finale, because it reminds all the old timers of their youth when saying Fucked Human Shit made you sound like you were ahead of the curve for some reason.

Reccommended Track:
World of Shit
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