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99. Terrorizer- World Downfall

1. "After World Obliteration"
2. "Storm of Stress"
3. "Fear of Napalm"
4. "Human Prey"
5. "Corporation Pull-In"
6. "Strategic Warheads"
7. "Condemned System"
8. "Resurrection"
9. "Enslaved by Propaganda"
10. "Need to Live"
11. "Ripped to Shreds"
12. "Injustice"
13. "Whirlwind Struggle"
14. "Infestation"
15. "Dead Shall Rise"
16. "World Downfall"

In my quest to love all things acclaimed in the intangible metal hall of fame, I have had great successes and dissapointments. But Iíd say my greatest dissapointement is the concession that I will just never love grindcore. Itís not for me. Grindcore is basically the same as disco. It has itís purpose but a very very short shelf life. Thereís only so far you can grow with a song limit of 1 second to 2 minutes, and youíll probably run out of truly great riffs very quickly. That being said, Iíd like to think that any erupting scene will yield at least one classic, and this is said classic. Featuring the rhythm section of none other than Morbid Angel(!), who that very year had just released Altars of Madness (!!), Jesse Pintado and Oscar release an angry and violent piece of art that should be studied by anyone calling themselves a musicologist.

Recommended track: Corporation Pull In
and the singing dies down for just a second, right? Long enough for my dad to go "This is how they used to transport the Jews!"
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