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Originally Posted by daimonos View Post
Why. the fuck. do you care. what UltraBoris thinks. Seriously.

Because he has some good points. No not everything he says is the truth, be he does have nuggets of truth buried here and there throughout his rhetoric.

For instance:
Something I agree with- Sanitarium is a cheesy ballad masquerading as thrash.
Two things I disagree with- the middle section of Master of Puppets being dumb as well as The Thing That Should Not Be being the song that spawned groove metal- The song has practically no groove whatsoever!

The point of me bringing it up anyway was to answer the question of why it's all the way down at 100.
You know its true, bunny rabbits we have got lovely little fluffy bottoms. We do. That's why people often mistake us for Danny Devito.

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