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Originally Posted by RampinUp46 View Post
The venue also happens to be a lot cleaner and less hellish than the old Emo's, and actually resembles a "real" music venue as opposed to a bar with a hunk of plywood in the corner posing as a stage.

Despite this, I can't say I'll immediately latch onto it, but it's nice and worth going to...despite the fact that it's on fucking Riverside.
The Emo's inside stage on Red River is still open for the time being; it's the outdoor stage that is now closed permanently. I've heard conflicting reports of how much longer the inside stage will be open; from what I've gathered it sounds like they aren't going to book any shows on that stage after Dec 24th, but then they will do shows there for SXSW 2012 and then close it up for good. The word is that they are looking to renovate the Waller Creek so it's more along the lines of the San Antonio riverwalk; so that means the days of Red 7 are probably numbered as well. I've also heard that Emo's is looking into opening another small room somewhere near the new Emo's East once the inside stage is closed.

I'm going to Weedeater at the inside stage tonight and Warbringer/Landmine Marathon is there on Sunday as well. I am going to cherish those last fews shows I get to see there. It may be kind of a shithole; but it's legendary and metal as fuck. Plus, without those stages downtown that means no walking to Death Metal Pizza between bands.
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