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Originally Posted by smearCampaign View Post
Earth Crisis didn't play? Glad I skipped this one since there are so many shows here this week. Not worth it to me for just a couple Sepultura songs.

I am looking forward to seeing a show at the new Emo's venue though. Was the sound good in there? I think I'll have to go to Brujeria and check it out.
No, for some reason, they put a local band and Headcrusher on. I'd already seen Killing in Apathy before (...opening for Powerman 5000 ), so I knew what to expect, but I hadn't heard of Headcrusher before. I'd recommend checking them out.

The sound was a lot better than the old Emo's sound. There was one request during Otep's set to turn the sound up, but that was fixed during Cavalera's set.

The venue also happens to be a lot cleaner and less hellish than the old Emo's, and actually resembles a "real" music venue as opposed to a bar with a hunk of plywood in the corner posing as a stage.

Despite this, I can't say I'll immediately latch onto it, but it's nice and worth going to...despite the fact that it's on fucking Riverside.
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