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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
Then, during "Keep Your Mouth Shut" the mic went out and the band continued playing with the crowd shouting the lyrics. I climbed onto one of the rafters and watched as people surrounded Scott, screaming "I don't care what you think of me / I don't hear what you say / You never had it, you never will / Keep your mouth shut and worry about yourself".
God, that would have been fucking incredible to experience. That's probably the most powerful verse ever written.

And yeah, I would have totally jumped from those rafters! God, I love Vogel. What a man. Hopefully there's some sweet videos on youtube of this show!

Pretty close set of what I saw of them earlier this year. No Lowest of the Low, though! That sucks. I wonder if they'll switch anything up for the God Damn tour? Life and Death, Not This Time, or Don't Need Your Help would be sick to see. The thing is, they're too perfect of a band. I don't know what songs I'd wanna sacrifice to see those others put in.
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