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Originally Posted by hellawaits77ny View Post
Same thing happened to me during Terror at NEMHF! Jaw hurt for about 4 days afterwards. Hence why I prefer to film nowadays, instead of moshing.


That was a great lineup. LOL I was moshing to Terror at the wonderful Higher Ground in Burlington, VT (oh man I hate that place) and my buddies were told we were being "too violent" in the pits by security. My response was, "We're just throwing hockey checks, what about all the ohter dudes windmilling and kicking? [my buddie got a black eye from some jackass doing that]". The bouncer says "well, that's how we dance in Vermont." Hahaha what a fuckin joke. Very cool review, that's awesome that you jumped from the rafters. Shit like that is why everyone should experience a Terror show before they die
I want to see Terror in Burlington

But not at Higher Ground...that would be a horrible venue for a hardcore show.
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