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Terror -- Garden Grove, CA -- October 4th, 2011

In late 2007 I saw Terror play with Chimaira, Kataklysm, and Divine Heresy, which was definitely an odd tour for them to be on. The turnout that night was terrible and the crowd was non-responsive throughout the sets of all the bands, even Chimaira, who was headlining. I wasn't into hardcore at the time, so I didn't enjoy Terror all that much. Since then my music tastes have slowly evolved; now, nearly four years later, I have become a fan of them. So, when vegantopher (thank you!) posted that they were playing at a house two blocks from mine, I had to be there.

After having a quick dinner at Carl's Jr. I headed over to the show. When I got to the house Alpha & Omega was already playing and the living room was full. Once they finished up I was able to get in and I waited for the next band, Downpresser. It was incredibly hot in there and I was sweating before they even started playing. At the opening notes of the first song the room went off. Sometime during their set someone jumped off the staircase, completely breaking off the railing. Apparently there was also a fight in the pit, but I didn't notice. Although I have no idea what they played, the band sounded great and the vocalist had a great "floor presence", going around and screaming in people's faces.

Terror was supposed to be next, but another band, Piece by Piece, got added to the show. Before their set a guy came up and told everybody to stay off the rafters, which was a bit disappointing to hear. Of course, the pit was still just as intense, if not more than during Downpresser. They only played for about five or ten minutes, but they sounded good.

Now the room began to pack in for Terror; it was so hot that the mirror in the corner was all fogged up, but once they started playing the heat didn't even matter. There was an endless amount of crowdsurfing and people were killing each other in the pit. After a couple songs, just as JD predicted, Scott pointed to the rafters and said something along the lines of "These are cool. More people need to jump off these." Insanity ensued, with people jumping off both rafters into every corner of the room. One person landed directly on my shoulder, which sent a painful vibration throughout my body, but that didn't stop me. A little later in the set Scott asked what the crowd wanted to hear and one guy was screaming for "Better Off Without You" over and over, so they played it. For the next few songs I stayed around the edge of the pit and witnessed a huge guy grab someone and punch him in the face multiple times before being separated. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same guy that started a fight earlier. Then, during "Keep Your Mouth Shut" the mic went out and the band continued playing with the crowd shouting the lyrics. I climbed onto one of the rafters and watched as people surrounded Scott, screaming "I don't care what you think of me / I don't hear what you say / You never had it, you never will / Keep your mouth shut and worry about yourself". Then Scott tried to yell over the noise of the crowd, saying this would be their last song. They proceeded to close the set with the hardcore anthem "Keepers of the Faith". When the chorus came in I jumped down from the rafter onto the crowd to scream along. It was only moments later that the show was abruptly over. It was an experience to say the least.
  1. Stick Tight
  2. Push It Away
  3. Overcome
  4. Out of My Face
  5. One with the Underdogs
  6. You're Caught
  7. Better off without You
  8. Hell and Back
  9. Spit My Rage
  10. Always the Hard Way
  11. Keep Your Mouth Shut
  12. Keepers of the Faith
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