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Originally Posted by rocker_mama View Post
Borealis is Direct support for Saxon in the North American Tour it is only a couple of venues that have other bands like that. In vegas it was just the two bands. If you go to Saxon's site or Borealis site you will see they are listed as Direct Support. The other bands were added by the venues. I do see your point I also hate to see a ton of bands before the one I go to see. However Borealis is the Direct support for this North American Tour. I have also heard that the water thing was made and given to him as a gift from a friend when he saw him struggling to get drinks. They may not be your type of music but I think they are great and they have two cd's out maybe you would like the first one more or maybe they are not the genre you prefer and that is personal taste. They have had some great reviews.
Luckily, in Montreal, we'll have just one local band (HEROIK), then BOREALIS, then the mighty SAXON. Can't wait till Monday!!
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