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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
foooooooooormat correctly next time.

Band -- City, STATE -- Month Day, Year
...Fuck, I knew I forgot something.

Originally Posted by smearCampaign View Post
Yeah, don't get too excited. They played the music to the chorus and let the crowd sing it.

Your setlist is correct though. Great show. It was kind of amusing to see some people getting angry about the lack of death-growl songs. There was a guy in front of me who would yell 'Bloodbath!!!!!' between every song.
I remember that guy. I also had a good laugh at the guy that screamed "FUCKIN' KATATONIA!" during a pause in one of their songs.

Honestly, I was kind of surprised that there was a pit during The Devil's Orchard. I did, however, jump into the later ones, and I wound up busting my nose and bruising my collarbone during the Dio thing, but that's to be expected.

Great show indeed.
1/19, 1/21 - Brujeria
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