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#41 has a ton of personal meaning to me because I saw it live more than any other song on this list. I saw so many incredible bands open for these guys it's crazy. The 1st time I ever saw Pantera they opened for Wrathchild America so that should tell you something. They played Hammerjacks at least once a month and every show was a huge party. This isn't their best song but it's their fastest so I would always go apeshit when they played it.

The Wrathchild name drama with an English punk band had them on the news many times also. I remember Sacred Reich opening for them and the singer ripping the english punk band to shreds even playing a few chords to one of their shitty songs mocking them. It was a big deal back then. So much so they had to add America to their name obviously.

For a band that started out playing Maiden and Accept covers they turned into a really great local band for years. Brad Divens is the sound guy for The Cult now, Terry Carter plays blues down in Florida and of course Shannon is in Godsmack now. Every year we try to get them to play the Hammerjacks Reunion. Here's hoping it finally happens in 2012!

#41 - Wrathchild America - Hell's Gates

This shows the band in their glory. Meliah Rage & Gang Green opened this night and Sully was the drummer for Meliah Rage. Maybe he and Shannon met this night, who knows. Definitely a great show. I got into Gang Green for a few months after this show. Desert Grins shows Shannons drumming skills way more than any of the Godsmack stuff too.

I Ain't Drunk with Sully Erna & Desert Grins

Bonus Song: This is the song they used to close with most shows. Fun little sing-a-long before we would jump in my car and drive around a few times looking for chicks who wanted to party. If I had to create a Soundtrack of my life Wrathchild would definitely have a fat chapter in the book. By far the most fun band I ever saw, partied with, jammed out to and saw live 30 or so times. I would kill to see them live 1 last time...

Subhumans - Slave to my Dick
3/3 - Hell Yeah
3/31 - Coal Chamber & Filter
5/16 - Clutch & Mastodon

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