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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
I said that the support for all the shows I'm seeing this fall should've been juggled. Sabaton should be opening for Firewind, Borealis should've been opening for Evergrey, and White Wizzard should be opening for Saxon.

Also, this is the best Saxon setlist yet. Just dump Chasing the Bullet for something off of Lionheart and I'd be really happy with it.
You're right, the pairings you made would fit each headlining band better. White Wizzard could probably appeal more to the casual Saxon fan cause they're pretty much traditional metal too, as opposed to Borealis, which is more power/prog in style.

As for me, Surviving Against The Odds is missing in the setlist (cause it's one of my faves off CTA and if they'd played it in Montreal instead of Chasing The Bullet, I'd be really happy....
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