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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
Agreed with switching the bands around. I can't say I hate Borealis, they just weren't my style at all. As I said, they were talented guys, it was just the vocals and the keyboards that bothered me. As for the water bottle thing, that wasn't a reason for me disliking them, I just thought it was funny to watch. These are the songs I remember them playing for sure: "Fall from Grace", "Breaking the Curse", and "Regeneration". I assume they opened with "Finest Hour", but I can't confirm that. I think the last song might have been "Forgotten Forever", but I can't be sure on that either.
Awesome to hear! I'm glad they are breaking out songs other than the 5 they initially played back in April. I would say there's a good chance you are right about them closing with Forgotten Forever, as I get the feeling that will be their closer for a long long time.

I won't jump to conclusions yet, but I really hope this doesn't mean they are abandoning their first album.
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