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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
Sad to hear someone hate on Borealis, but I can't say I'm particularly surprised - they're not really anything like Saxon. I said that the support for all the shows I'm seeing this fall should've been juggled. Sabaton should be opening for Firewind, Borealis should've been opening for Evergrey, and White Wizzard should be opening for Saxon.
I understand, it's not for everyone, but oh well. I second the previous post though, if you have any idea as to any of the songs that were played, I'd appreciate any info.

Personally I think the water bottle thing is fucking ingenious and honestly if I had the resources to do it myself I would. Certainly not really a reason to hate on a band.
Agreed with switching the bands around. I can't say I hate Borealis, they just weren't my style at all. As I said, they were talented guys, it was just the vocals and the keyboards that bothered me. As for the water bottle thing, that wasn't a reason for me disliking them, I just thought it was funny to watch. These are the songs I remember them playing for sure: "Fall from Grace", "Breaking the Curse", and "Regeneration". I assume they opened with "Finest Hour", but I can't confirm that. I think the last song might have been "Forgotten Forever", but I can't be sure on that either.
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