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Kyuss Lives! -- Austin, TX -- October 1st, 2011

Venue: Stubbs BBQ

The Sword
How Heavy This Axe
Arrows in the Dark
Baebel's Blade
Sea of Spears
Night City
Chronomancer II

Kyuss Lives!
Spaceship Landing
One Inch Man
Freedom Run
Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop
Conan Troutman
El Rodeo
100 Degrees
Green Machine
Tangy Zizzle
Un Sandpiper
50 Million Year Trip
Molten Universe
Allen's Wrench
Fatso Forgotso

As we were walking to the venue down 6th street we passed Nick Oliveri eating some street food and chatting with someone. I nodded to him, but wasn't going to approach the guy and bother him while he was getting some grub. We arrived at Stubbs about 45 minutes after the doors opened and MonstrO took the stage about 15 minutes later. The stuff of theirs that I had previously listened to seemed alright, but they were very convincing live. You could most definitely hear in the music that their front man used to be in Torche. After they wrapped up there was about 20 minutes until The Sword started and the hometown crowd had pretty much filled up Stubbs in anticipation. The Sword took the stage to a huge applause and they just ripped right into the music. A majority of the crowd was familiar with all their material so it was great to see most of Stubbs headbanging and singing along. For an opening set you really can't ask for a better set list and Sea of Spears was a treat.

Due to a miscommunication with my roommate I ended up with an extra ticket, so I went out to the street to get rid of my extra ticket before Kyuss started. I found an Australian guy and his girlfriend walking towards the box office, so I just asked for $15 and was glad that I got something back at least. When I got back in I grabbed a fresh beer with the cash and made way up towards the front to get a good view of Mr. Garcia and his bandmates. From the opening note of Spaceship Landing onward the whole place was a sea of meaty riffs, flailing arms, pot smoke, banging heads and big grins. They sounded great and whenever it felt like the set was coming to a lull they would bust into another song that would garner a big crowd reaction. Even the people I was with who were more familiar with The Sword than Kyuss were impressed and never got bored. After this show I can certainly say that Kyuss Lives!
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