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I fucking missed Katatonia because roadwork outside Atlanta had traffic backed up and stopped for well over an hour. I had already left Augusta later than I wanted to, because I had to stay at work longer than expected. Grrrr....

Opeth was amazing though. Since I knew what their setlist would be beforehand, I wasn't disappointed. Although I missed 'Patterns in the Ivy II'; 'Credence' was great; I just think they should have replaced 'The Throat of Winter' with 'Credence', instead of 'Patterns in the Ivy II'. Mikael was definitely hilarious and in good spirits, and the band performed wonderfully. Honestly, it felt less like I was watching a band on stage and more like I was hanging out with a bunch of cool people, five of whom happened to be playing great music. Another thing to note was the sound: it was perfect. Probably the best sound I've ever heard in all my years of going to shows. It was just loud enough to be powerful, just quiet enough to be clear. Every note was distinct. Bravo!
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