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Originally Posted by Happy Bunny View Post
I was there too. Too much Punchbowl, not enough Pork Soda. My first Primus show was at Roseland on the Punchbowl tour in '95. Loved the new songs. I hate Roseland, as they always oversell it, but Primus only seem to play here in NYC.
4 songs from Punchbowl and 1 from Pork Soda is kinda lame but I still enjoyed the set. They played Willaimsburg in 09 but it does seem like Roseland is their venue of choice.

Originally Posted by Happy Bunny View Post
Damn, you had a Mezz ticket? You know how rare that is to have? I would have paid you $50 for it, just to get off the floor.
The funny thing is when I bought tickets their was none left for main floor and I had to get mezzanine. If you really wanted a mez ticket I don't see why you couldn't have gotten one yourself.
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