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Got there around 6:30 when right after the doors were supposed to open, walked it, met Garagemetal and Daimonos and shot the shit for a while. Apparently, Black September had already played , so Juninus came on pretty soon after around 7. Didn't know any of their songs, but they were great live. I love their style of post rock/metal/doom whatever.

After them, we were like, "OH SHIT IS THAT DETHMAIDEN?!?!?!" So we went over and talked for a while with him. It was pretty fun meeting you all.

Alcest came on next, and let me tell you, they were incredible. I have a couple complaints with them: They basically played a 35 minute set instead of a 50 minute set, threw in Solar Song instead of Les Iris, and only had 1 song to showcase Neige's screams (Percees). But goddaamn, they played perfectly. I didn't think the sound was bad like people were complaining in past shows. The setlist was a good build-up to Percees de Lumiere, which is absolutely godly live. They were good and all before that, playing the songs that I loved, but when Neige broke out his twisted, almost-horrific and passionate black metal screams, it was incredible. Le Secret would have been sweet to see opening, but their performance as a whole was still great.

Met with Llama Lom after their performance, talked with everyone, discussed the new Mastodon and Opeth albums and whatnot, MDF, etc. Enslaved came on relatively soon after, at around 8:30 I wanna say. Great performance from a band I've been waiting to see for years! The venue was pretty full surprisingly, and they were getting a great response for the crowd. As a whole, they're very professional performers, and know how to work the crowd. Ice Dale would get up in people's faces soloing, running around the stage, and Grutle was great at getting the crowd to chant and fist pump. He was nursing a beer and a glass full of hard liquor the whole concert, too. His facial contortions while screaming are great! Ivar was solid as ever, a very professional performer.

Set-wise, I was very impressed. Since it's my first time seeing them, I loved 'em having Fusion, Fire Swept Clean the Earth, Ruun, Ground, and Isa in there. Heimvegan was AWESOME live, and same with the Immigrant Song. If you're gonna do a cover, that's the way to do it. When they broke out Allfáğr Oğinn, everyone went crazy and we actually had a nice mosh pit going on, which continued for the Immigrant song and Isa. Overall, it was a fun performance. I would have liked to see another couple off of Vertebrae, and it would have been sick to have them keep Jotunblod in there, but it was still pretty perfect.

Like we said, I waited around for a while after with Daimonos and Llama and after about 45 minutes, we caught Enslaved out by their bus. Got to actually spend a decent amount of time talking to them. They were all great to talk to, except for Grutle, who I think was a little too drunk to say anything.

Oh, and Llama, your one friend is fucking insane.
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