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Originally Posted by llama lom View Post
Let's see, quick summary of the night:

I got to Bottom Lounge literally five minutes before Alcest got on (I wasn't expecting them to go on until 8ish, but whatever). I met up with a friend of mine there and watched Alcest kick complete ass. I was pretty upset that they didn't play Le Secret (damn you 10 PM curfew! ), but I saw Alcest and inside, I was going complete fanboy. After that I saw JD and went over and met everyone. We talked for a bit then Enslaved come on. I'm not going to lie, I didn't know any of the songs, but regardless, they played an amazing set! The Immigrant Song cover was pretty well done and I loved it. The singer for Enslaved (don't know the name) gave the crowd his Sam Adams, which my buddy managed to grab and I got a sip of. Alas, the show ended. A few of us went over to the merch table and got a picture with Alcest. I noticed afterwards that I got cut out of the picture so I went back in and got another. Neige seems like a cool guy, but I got the sense that he was a little socially awkward. He's still a god to me though. After we hung outside for a couple of hours waiting for the guys from Enslaved to come up. Slowly but surely, they each came out one at a time and we got pictures and the like. By the end, we got a group pic with 4/5 of Enslaved. Overall, pretty goddamn awesome night. I'll get the pics on my phone up sometime tomorrow, most of them are pretty dark so I'll try to fix that.
I noticed that when he was on stage Friday in Toronto. The crowd was going ballistic for them and I don't think he was expecting that at all. When the crowd would go nuts he'd sort of turn his back (embarrassed), look back and give these little grins, like "holy shit, they like us, they really like us".
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