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Well, I got there a little before 6, but chilled outside for whatever reason. Eventually I found Dan (Garagemetal) and we shot the shit for a little bit until JD showed up. Finally we went inside and caught the beginning of Junius's set. They weren't bad, but I really wasn't that interested.

Not long after their set we found Brad and Javier (llama lom). The group of us took up a pretty big chunk of the front right of the stage. I'll admit that I'm not a huge Alcest fan like alot of you guys, but they put on a great show, I think. Percees De Lumiere was the highlight for me, as that's probably my favorite Alcest track. One of these days I'm going to get around to picking up more of their stuff.

Those of you who've been around here awhile know that Enslaved is one of my favorite bands. I'm talking like, Top 4 caliber. So of course, I lost my shit while they were playing. It was incredible to finally see them play longer than 30-45 minutes, and I have to say that for the whole hour and a half they were onstage they tore it up. They all put energy into their live show, especially Grutle and Ice Dale, and like Brad told me the other day, they're so rock n' roll for a black metal band, which is awesome in my eyes. Although there were a couple songs I would have rather seen than some of the songs they played, I can't complain, because you really can't go wrong with Enslaved. The highlights for me would have had to been Ruun, Ground, As Fire Swept Clean the Earth, the encore (Immigrant Song, Isa), and Allfadr Odinn. I'll say that again, Allfadr Odhinn. Holy shit, was that song incredible live. When they were playing that, everyone just lost it, and it was great. I'm not always one to feel like moshing, but I just wanted to freak out while that was on. Their version of the Immigrant Song was awesome as well, and they got a great response of course.

After the show, JD, Javier and his friend and I hung around out front in hopes of catching some members of the band, which we did. Enslaved really are some of the nicest, most respectful musicians in my eyes. They'll talk to fans and hang out all night. It was interesting to talk to Ivar about their current releases and some other stuff, and Cato about drumming, as well reminiscing about the time we spent locked up together for raping pigs. He's a hilarious guy, Cato. Ivar said a new album should be on the way next fall. This is the third time I've met these guys, and they all remembered me once I explained the last time we met, so that was kind of cool. I wish I had my Thorn EP, I definitely would have got that signed.

I'm just hoping they come back soon.
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