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Let's see, quick summary of the night:

I got to Bottom Lounge literally five minutes before Alcest got on (I wasn't expecting them to go on until 8ish, but whatever). I met up with a friend of mine there and watched Alcest kick complete ass. I was pretty upset that they didn't play Le Secret (damn you 10 PM curfew! ), but I saw Alcest and inside, I was going complete fanboy. After that I saw JD and went over and met everyone. We talked for a bit then Enslaved come on. I'm not going to lie, I didn't know any of the songs, but regardless, they played an amazing set! The Immigrant Song cover was pretty well done and I loved it. The singer for Enslaved (don't know the name) gave the crowd his Sam Adams, which my buddy managed to grab and I got a sip of. Alas, the show ended. A few of us went over to the merch table and got a picture with Alcest. I noticed afterwards that I got cut out of the picture so I went back in and got another. Neige seems like a cool guy, but I got the sense that he was a little socially awkward. He's still a god to me though. After we hung outside for a couple of hours waiting for the guys from Enslaved to come up. Slowly but surely, they each came out one at a time and we got pictures and the like. By the end, we got a group pic with 4/5 of Enslaved. Overall, pretty goddamn awesome night. I'll get the pics on my phone up sometime tomorrow, most of them are pretty dark so I'll try to fix that.
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