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Originally Posted by Magson13 View Post
Apocalyptica is great live. Who cares if the songs are "metal?" Music is either good or not. And the vocals aren't even their own singer, they were all written by the various guests they brought in. The crowd shouldn't be expected to know Metallica vocals either, because they're not at a Metallica show.
I agree with you that Apocalyptica should be judged on their great live performances, not if they're metal enough.

But I'm shocked to hear that the crowd didn't know the full lyrics to Master Of Puppets. I mean the whole first Apocalyptica album contains all Metallica covers, plus there are Metallica covers on their next two albums. Even if they didn't know Metallica when they got into Apocalyptica why would someone just be satisfied hearing a symphonic metal cover version? Not dissing Apocalyptica at all, love them and have all their albums. Just personally when I get an album I enjoy that has a cover song, I feel the need to hear the original for comparison and contrast. To be honest, I got into Metallica, Faith No More, AND Pantera because of the great Apocalyptica cover versions.
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