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A few words on Apocalyptica and whatnot:

If you ask me, I think I went to this because I wanted to see whether they were worth all the hype they get - which they weren't. The concept of a symphonic metal band with only cellos is a gimmick, just as prepostourous as Ghost dressing up as Satanic priests or Gwar dressing up as intergalactic terrorists. While they do have talent (believe me, they can play some beautiful pieces) their music is only metal in that they play covers of bands such as Sepultura and Metallica. The songs with vocals (most of which I'm assuming are from the new album) have RIDICULOUS lyrics. Were they to get their cellos replaced by standard instruments, their music/lyrical content would be just like Skillet's or any other mainstream rock band's. The crowd (full of goths) was pretty disappointing, especially when they couldn't remember the lyrics to Master of Puppets aside from the chorus.

Anyway, unless you're a HUGE fan of the band, I wouldn't recommend going - especially if you only listen to their cover albums like I do.
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