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Primus -- New York, NY -- September 30th, 2011

This show was fantastic and way more intense then I anticipated. When I got to the venue the line was 3 blocks long so I had quite a bit of waiting to do. I had a mezzanine ticket but luckily at this venue going to the mezzanine is just optional and you can walk right up to the main floor with no questions asked. We all waited anxiously for Primus to take the stage for almost an hour and they finally came out at 8:45. I was so happy they opened with TDBCT, once the main bass line kicked in the crowd went nuts. I'm not sure who said it (it might have been ShatteredFlame) but someone on here said when they saw Primus it was one of the most violent shows they've ever been to. This is also true for me, this crowd was insane. These guys just wouldn't stop. I was going with it for the first 2 songs but I was ready to stop when they were playing slower songs but these other guys weren't. Seriously, they moshed to Southbound Pachyderm. The more they jammed the more the energy died down but I kinda needed the rest. I had enough rest by the time they played Jerry and shit got intense. After Grapevine they left the stage and we got to watch Popeye cartoons for a little while . When they came back out they played Green Naugahyde in it's entirety as they've been doing the whole tour and the crowd wasn't very active during this set. The only new song the crowd really sang along to was Last Salmon Man. Though many weren't familiar they seemed to dig the new album, hopefully the next time they come around the fans will be more into these songs. After Extinction Burst they walked out, we chanted Primus Sucks for a couple minutes and soon enough they came back out and played Mr. Knowitall and the energy from the first set returned. After Knowitall they took a vote for the last song. The choices were:
Tommy the Cat
Harold of the Rocks
John the Fisherman
Sgt. Baker
Is It Luck?
Personally I wanted to hear Sgt.Baker but the crowd was the loudest for Tommy the Cat and Harold so Les slimmed down the choices to just those two and he said it was louder for Harold but I could have sworn it was a little louder for Tommy, Harold of the Rocks is awesome anyway so I won't complain to much. I went apeshit for the last time of the night and the show was over. After fighting a crowd of sweaty men for a while I was pretty happy to see it was raining outside. While their was plenty of songs I would have loved to hear that they didn't play I had a blast and definitely wan't to see Primus again whenever they come around.

Set 1:

1. Those Damned Blue Collar Tweekers
2. Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
3. The Pressman
4. Groundhog's Day
5. Over the Falls
6. Southbound Pachyderm
7. Mrs. Blaileen
8. Jerry Was a Race car Driver
9. Over the Electric Grapevine

[30 minutes of classic Popeye cartoons]

Set 2:

10. Prelude to a Crawl/Hennepin Crawler
11. Last Salmon Man
12. Eternal Consumption Engine
13. Tragedy's a Comin'
14. The Eyes of a Squirrel
15. Jilly's On Smack
16. Lee Van Cleef
17. Moron TV
18. Green Ranger
20. Extinction Burst
[Salmon Men outro played on speakers]


21. Mr. Knowitall
22. Harold of the Rocks

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