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Opeth -- Atlanta, GA -- September 30th, 2011

Wow, where to begin? Without a doubt, this was the most fun I've had at a show. I feel like I should give a bit of back story first, so it doesn't seem like I'm excited for no reason. I was pretty strategic going into the show: I planned to get to the venue extra early, planned which t-shirts I was going to buy, and even devised a plan to make it to the front rail (my ultimate goal for the evening). I DID get to the venue early, but not early enough. By about 6:00, there was a fairly large line outside the venue. Fortunately, most of the people there made for decent conversationalists, so the time passed by quickly.

Finally, they began to let people in. Both nervous and excited, I dashed past the merch booth (part of my plan was to visit it after the show), and headed straight for the floor. By the time I walked down the stairs, there was one spot on the rail left. The race was on, and I managed to get the spot. Katatonia played shortly, and did a great job.

Now for the moment of truth - Opeth. This being my first time seeing Opeth, I was excited, but also disappointed by the set list I knew they'd play. After the opening notes of Devil's Orchard, all disappointment went away. What followed was 2 1/2 hours of Mikael telling jokes in between songs, dealing with hecklers, and a douchebag crowdsurfer being dropped on his ass twice, only the be kicked out by security (it was later revealed that Opeth's tour manager spotted the guy and wanted him out). The guy was extremely disruptive, and Mikael was so amused by it all, he had to start Hex Omega three different times because he was laughing so hard. All in all, while the set list could have been a bit better, it was an incredible experience. Also, Face of Melinda is absolutely ethereal live.

It became evident that the band was having a lot of fun. Mikael talked to the crowd a lot, had a guitar duel, and even told stories about dancing with the singer from ABBA.

Opeth set:

Devil's Orchard
I Feel the Dark
The Drapery Falls - snippet (after being heckled, Mikael played only the first verse, sped up)
Deliverance - snippet (same as Drapery Falls)
Face of Melinda
Porcelain Heart (extended drum solo)
Throat of Winter
Deliverance - acoustic snippet
A Fair Judgement
Hex Omega


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