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Another classic from 1987. Another epic minute long intro. I might be kind of predictable but a great thrash song is a great thrash song.

A buddy of mine turned me on to Sepultura when he played Morbid Visions for me and I hated the production but always knew this band could be incredible with the right production and if they continued to grow as musicians.

Obviously they did and brought in a ripping lead guitarist and the rest is history. One can only speculate how much incredible music we would have if the 4 who recorded this album and their other masterpieces never broke up.

As good as this version is, this song live was always mind-blowing and often times even faster live. I've seen this song a few times live and every time it was one of the highlights of the night.

#42 - Sepultura - Escape To The Void
5/2 - Sevendust
5/24 - Dark Angel @ MDF
6/17 - Meshuggah & BTBAM
6/29 - Primus
8/4 - Soundgarden & NIN
9/27 - Clutch & Janes Addiction

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