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Originally Posted by toolfansat View Post
Not necessarily.... Pick up a copy of "The Ticket Masters" by Dean Budnick. I'm reading that now, and it's an eye-opener! In some cases the venues LOSE money on ticket sales - for example, Jimmy Buffett gets 125% (NOT a typo!) of the gate receipts! And that, my friends, is why we are forced to buy $9.50 Bud Lights and a $13.00 hot dog! As one venue owner put it "We are not in the entertainment business any more. We are running a very expensive deli."
Sounds interesting. I might have to check that out.

Originally Posted by velvetgrass View Post
Holy shit! Krist Novoselic on accordion for Skin And Bones?! I'd pay a ticket just to see that alone
It's not worth paying for a ticket just to see that. He comes out and plays the accordian for the song then leaves. Very uneventful. Except for the crowds reaction when Dave introduced him it wasn't anything special. Of course if I was a Nirvana fan I might think differently about it.
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